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What are Medi-Facials and How Do They Differ From The Regular Ones

What is a Medi-Facial?
For those who want to have younger, healthier-looking skin, a deep clean, revitalizing massaging technique will be your thing. If you hunt up to get a facial treatment that will really refill your appearance, there are scientifically graded Medi-facials that can totally transform your skin.

Our Eudermiz Clinic provides tailor-made customized medical-grade facials that could discretely be perfect for you! A standard procedure of about 50-90 min of result-driven Medi-Facials could make for younger, and healthy-looking skin inside out.

What are Medifacials and How Do they Differ from the Regular Ones

Eudermiz formulates a unique facial approach for each client Depending on their skin type, needs, and goals. The experience is relaxing, but you will observe real changes in your skin. That’s why the term used is “Medi-Facial” –simply a reinforcing supplemented facial harnessed towards accomplishing particular outcomes delineated to repair, restore, and revive the skin.

What are medi facials?

“Medi-facials are specific facials in which advanced technology, researched & science-based ingredients are used,” says Dr. Sai Sandeepthi Best dermatologist in Hyderabad at Eudermiz Clinic​​. “They tend to be focussed towards specific ailments and conditions, like acne, acne scarring, sun damage, dehydration, spots, and also sensitive skin. These are highly effective as compared to generic facials.’’

How are medi facials different from regular ones?

Medi-facials help to improve the skin tone, texture, and collagen production and, thus, slow down the ageing process, explains Dr. Sai Sandeethi. “The medi-facials are a mixture of technology, like advanced lasers, light devices, exfoliation technology like the water jet, and hydradermabrasion, which helps to remove dead skin cells and speed up cellular turnover. The results are also more appreciable and long when followed with a good skin care plan. The generic facials offered in salons are generally followed by steam and bleach, and the use of products that are milder and more pampering. They, unfortunately, are not effective in treating specific conditions of the skin.”

Treatments that fall under medi facials

Some popular treatments that fall under medi-facials are:

  • Hydradermabrasion: It is a crystal-free exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, and simultaneously infuse and bathe the skin gently in the water. It helps to cleanse the skin without causing excessive dryness.
  • Laser facials: The popular Q-switched laser facials are very advanced, and help to improve the skin tone texture and brightness. They also help to stimulate the collagen, and help in pore reduction and reduce pigmentation without any downtime & side effects.
  • Stem cell facials: Stem cell facials are treatments done to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and also to improve the clarity of the skin. The stem cell facial uses the patient's own blood to separate out platelet-rich growth factors. These are applied on the face or injected into the skin to allow collagen stimulation. They show long-lasting results.

Quick Medical Facial Treatment benefits:

  • Rejuvenates the dead, dull & dehydrated skin in deep with vitamins for a fresh glow
  • Reduces rosacea, acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • Facial and décolleté cleansing and revitalizing
  • Fades stretch marks, freckles, blotchy skin
  • Needle-free deep skin treatment
  • Painless and stress-relieving
  • No down time
  • Zero skin print
  • Short and pleasant
  • No side effects

Why Should You Get Medi Facials?

  • Relaxation: Medi Facials have a relaxing effect on your skin when apt pressure is applied to the pressure points.
  • Stress-buster: All of us are aware that stress can cause skin problems. A good Medi-Facial can cure any breakouts and rejuvenate the skin from within.
  • Prevents bacterial breakouts: Medi-facial such as an anti-acne facial helps eliminate the bacteria that cause swelling during breakouts with the assistance of LED light. It also decreases the pore size, stabilizes oil production and endorses healthy cell growth.

Anti-ageing effects: Serum used in medi-facials helps decrease signs of aging and keeps the skin looking youthful and glowing.

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