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Moles Removal Treatment Services in Hyderabad

Moles are small brown or black patches which form on the skin. They can be flat to the skin or elevated, and some may have hair growing from them. They are usually regular in shape and formed in either a circular or oval outline. They are caused by clusters of skin cells which produce the pigment in your skin. Most moles are completely harmless, however, some can be cancerous and extremely dangerous if allowed to grow unchecked. It is therefore very important that moles are regularly reviewed by a trained practitioner, any developments in size and shape closely monitored, and any suspicious or worrying moles removed before developing into something more dangerous.

How to check your Moles?

A mole can change as quickly as a few weeks or months, so you should check your skin every few months for new moles or changes to existing ones.

  • A mole should have a round and regular shape and not be asymmetrical
  • The edges of the mole should be smooth and not jagged
  • It's normal for moles to be one or two colours (usually brown), but look out for changes in colour, patchiness or if the mole is multi-coloured
  • Check for increases in size or if the mole is larger than 5mm across
  • Is the mole changing in shape, colour or size?

Moles Removal Treatment by Eudermiz in Hyderabad

At Eudermiz Clinic in Hyderabad, we offer full skin assessment for the detection of abnormal moles and provide advice on treatment at our specialist clinic. Recognising that prevention is the best cure, we also advise on personal Skin Care so that further skin conditions can be avoided. We could remove any moles that look suspicious or malignant. Later, if necessary we would organize a pathological examination under the microscope with a report being issued the next few days. We are also able to remove moles for cosmetic reasons by using a number of different techniques.

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