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Tips of Prep your Skin for Summer

As the season’s shifts, so should your skincare routine. The products you use for spring may not be appropriate for the blazing hot summer. Even the most thoughtfully assembled skin-care routine is rarely a year-round winner. Shifts in humidity, arctic blasts of air-conditioning, and brighter, longer days all play a role in how your skin holds up. With summer officially here, now’s the time to rethink your seasonal wardrobe from the neck up, with an eye toward maintaining and protecting that fair-weather glow. For you to get the best skin, here are some useful tips when transitioning your skin care routine from spring to summer.

Tips of Prep Your Skin for Summer

Swap out Heavy Creams

As your closet leans toward linens and sheer cotton, let your skincare follow suit. It’s really a time to lighten up, who suggests trading richer moisturizers for feather light lotions and gels during the warmer months.

Getting Ready for the Shifting Seasons

The Summer, Winter and spring air may have stripped away the suppleness of your skin. As you approach summer, it could be the best time to remove those dead skin cells. Exfoliation or chemical peel treatments may do the work. Such procedures will renew your skin at a great depth that will reveal your glow. After exfoliation, your natural radiance will shine and your skin will be ready for the sun.

Moisturizing Right

Summer days may allow you to use thicker and richer emollients for skin hydration, but when summer arrives, you may need products that are less oily. Lighter, oil-free formulations will help your skin accommodate the hotter temperatures and humid air. Use products that will give your skin sufficient moisture while also preventing breakouts or a greasy appearance.

Use Sunscreen

Your skin is your largest organ and has essential functions such as guarding your body against germs as well as helping to regulate your body’s temperature. While your skin also offers your body protection from the sun’s rays, that doesn’t mean you should go out without giving your skin proper protection in return. Without sunscreen, your skin is vulnerable to a host of problems. Sunscreen is the easiest way to protect yourself from the sun's dangerous rays. Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.

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